• All racers must wear a neck brace,helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeve shirt/jacket, and long pants. (preferably a racing suit)

  • Chest protectors are optional.

  • All Clone engines must be 6.5 hp clones

  • Must run aluminum or plastic fuel cell. No Exceptions

  • All stock clones will go by AKRA rules and will run on gasoline only with no additives.

  • Caged karts must have at least a 4 point roll cage and a 4 point harness. Arm restraints are optional but highly recommended.

  • We run open headers open clutches.

  • Beginner classes can only run on gasoline with no additives.

  • All other engines can run gasoline or alcohol, but with no additives.

  • Nitro is NOT allowed in any classes

Nitro is NOT allowed in any classes